Volunteers are individuals who, without the expectation of gain or reward, with their activities alone or within a group or organization, contribute to the well-being of their community or the whole society.

The structure of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina is constantly on the lookout for volunteers who, through their experiences, skills, knowledge and goodwill, can contribute to improving the programs we realize.

Volunteers are the basic force of the Red Cross. In our organization, we train you to provide first aid, motivate blood donors, participate in actions to raise funds for socially vulnerable citizens, and other activities, programs and events. The goal of all our activities is to achieve positive change in people's lives.

Find out more about the programs and activities we make and find what matters most to you.
If you like some programs and you think that you can help in their realization, get in touch with the organization of the Red Cross closest to your place of residence, work, college, school... Organizing the Red Cross you get all the information about activities and everything that interests you regarding volunteering.


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