From 21 to 22 January 2019. Representatives of IFRC Regional Office for Europe, Ms. Seija Tyrninoksa, Head of the Cluster Support Center for Central and South East European Countries  and Miss Henriett Koos, Senior Associate for Disasters and Crises response were on a working visit to the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBIH) . The aim of the visit was to identify priority activities related to the implementation of the Emergency Appel Operation in response to the migration crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019, which was launched in mid-December 2018.

On 21.01.2019. They had meetings with the President of RCSBIH Mr. Rajko Lazić, Secretary General of RCSBIH, Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary of RCBDBIH, Mr.  Denis Šehanović, Co-ordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General of RCSBIH, Ms. Žaklina Ninković and the representative of the Red Cross of the Federation of BiH, Mr. Senadin Kumro, coordinator for preparedness and response to disasters and Miss Azra Mešić, assistant on migration project related to practical implementation and priority activities of Emergency appeal. On that occasion, information was confirmed that at the 19th session of RCSBIH Presidency, a decision was made on appointing an Emergency Appeal Coordinator in RCSBIH , and that IFRC appointed a person from the shortlist of candidates for the position of  operation manager on behalf of IFRC and that after the process in the personnel service is finalized ,  inform RCSBIH on  the date of commencement of work of that person in Sarajevo. It was also confirmed that IFRC initiated the first transfer of emergency funds through the Finance Department in Budapest.

On 21.01.2019.  a meeting was held with a  coordinator for Western Balkans of the International organization for migrations(IOM) , Mr. Peter van der Auweraert and responsible officer of IOM in BiH , Mrs. Irma Sadiković, where they discussed current activities and support from this partner organization, and they agreed on signing a Memorandum of Understanding between RCSBIH and IOM.  

On the second day, Mr. Branko Leko and Ms. Žaklina Ninković discussed with their guests  the implementation of program and project activities of the overall RCSBIH structure, in particular regarding the implementation of priority program activities supported by IFRC, as well as the plans for the  forthcoming period, including international cooperation and hosting the 13th Mediterranean Conference in April 2019 in Sarajevo, and activities related Organizational Development from RCSBIH  Development Plan, adopted at the 19th session of RCSBIH Presidency. A meeting was also held with Mr. Nidal El-Barekah, where they discussed the  implementation of the project "First Aid at the Workplace" (which ultimate goal is to obtain the European First Aid Certificate, primarily in the field of first aid training for motor vehicle drivers), supported by IFRC and Italian Red Cross.

During their visit, guests again confirmed a strategic commitment of IFRC Regional office for Europe to continue its comprehensive support  to RCSBIH structure in all matters that are important for its functioning and work.