predsjedatelj predsjednistva u povodu svjetskog dana i tjedna crvenog kriza 2

The delegation comprised Mr. Rajko Lazić, RCSBIH Chairman, Mr. Branko Leko, RCSBIH Secretary General, Mr. Namik Hodžić, Secretary general of RCFBIH, and Mr. Đoko Mihajlović, Secretary General of RCRS.

Delegation members informed BiH Presidency chairman on program activities of the organization related promotion of voluntarism, support to public kitchens, support to mine victims, education, voluntary blood donation, collecting and distribution of humanitarian aid, providing support in disasters, and all based on fundamental values of humanism and solidarity, promoted by the Red Cross

The also informed the chairman on activities on the reconstruction of the building, intended for Technical service accommodation. These activities are mainly funded by foreign donors , what will immensely alleviate the situation of the Red Cross Society in the following period.  They also underlined hardships faced by activists and Red Cross management , among which the biggest are lack of funds and inconsistency in the implementation of the Law on the Red Cross in BiH.

Stressing the importance of the existence and the activities of the Red Cross, which has been confirmed by activities and results on many occasions, Chairman Ivanić expressed the full support to the Society. The BiH Presidency Chairman stressed that the obligation of the officials is to pay attention, within their competences, to  the implementation of their humanitarian, educational and other activities. Members of RCSBIH delegation informed Ivanić about possibility to host next Mediterranean conference and about the term of resettlement of the Presidency and Technical service into the new building, and requested support for these events in this context. Dr. Ivanić expressed full support and made a promise to organize a reception for  participants and  guests  of incoming events in the BiH Presidency, but also suggested that the plan of event should be timely submitted to the chairman of the Council of Minsters BiH  with a request for support. Dr. Ivanić expressed hope that future topics related to the work of the Red Cross Society will attract more media and public attention.