rezultati trece faze projekta restauracije zgrade drustva crvenog kriza u sarajevu 2

On 11 May 2017 Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the US Embassy in BiH presented the results of the third stage of the Red Cross Society building restoration project, the interior of this National Monument of BiH.

The third phase of the project, which included works on partial restoration of the building's interior, provided conditions for the return of the leadership and Technical service of RCSBIH into its headquarters, from where they will be able to manage the following phases of construction works, which  will result in this National Monument being fully renewed. The largest donation for reconstruction of the building was provided by the US Embassy Special Fund and amounts to 187,700 US (about 334,829 KM). Beside US Embassy, from 2014 to 2017, this project was supported by  Italian Red Cross with the amount of  84,477 euros (165,222 KM), FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sport with 10,000 KM , Red Cross of the Federation BiH with  16,400 KM and Red Cross Society BiH with 23,577 KM.

Presentation of the results was organized by the middle of May, during the Week of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

At the presentation of the project results and Red Cross activities, journalists were addressed by the HR. Maureen Cormack, US Ambassador to BiH; Amir Pašić, Member of the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments, and Rajko Lazić, President of the Red Cross Society of BiH.

I was here two and a half years ago and I am happy to see the progress in the reconstruction of the Red Cross Society building. We have secured the cleaning of the ruins from the Ambassador’s fund , in 2015 we provided  $ 120,000 for interior repairs and now this space is put into function again. It is very appropriate that we are talking today about the renewal of what this building represents for the social life of the city. Many have told me that this building before the war was one of the centers of social life and I hope it will become one again.  " said the US Ambassador to BiH, Ms.  Maureen Cormack.

Representative of the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments of BiH, Mr. Amir Pašić emphasized that the building of the Red Cross Society of BiH should enjoy the highest degree of protection. "This building belongs to the legacy of the modern architectural style and is the work of the architects Helen Baldasar who won this job through public competition. in 1928. This historic building was erected as one of Red Cross buildings that were built in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the period between two World Wars. This event is a call to all Institutions and people of good will to work on the rehabilitation of damaged and endangered monuments, "Pašić said.

Rajko Lazić, President of the Red Cross Society BiH in his speech thanked to donors who participated in the reconstruction project, underlying that, step by step, phase by phase, during last 3 years, they managed to secure 550.028,50 BAM , with the donation of Spanish Red Cross in the amount of 15.000,00 EUR for procurement of furniture and necessary office equipment. We have also, in the course of last 3 years, held a number of meetings at State, entity, cantonal and municipal levels,but so far, without actual support for our activities on restoration. In the times ahead, we shall see whether domestic institutions will finally decide to take part in this process.

Architect and Project Coordinator from the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments, Mr. Adi Ćorović presented the project of the restoration of the Red Cross Society Building, which is being implemented since 2014, while the Secretary General of the Red Cross Society BiH, Mr. Branko Leko showed the journalists around of the building and presented the results of the works.