evaluacijski sastanak 1

Evaluation meeting of Mine awareness program was held in Ethno village Stanišići, near Bijeljina, from 23-25 May 2017.

Participants of the meeting were Ms.Ivana Grujić, Mine awareness program coordinator, RCSBIH, Ms. Snježana Kovač, RCRS Mine awareness coordinator, Mr. Senadin Kumro, RCFBIH Mine awareness coordinator, Ms. Zorica Lučić, responsible for cooperation with NSs on behalf of ICRC, Esed Aletić, BHMAC representative (head of regional office Brčko district BiH) and two MRE teams that work in mine polluted municipalities (MRE Team Bihać and MRE team Zvornik).

On this occasion, heads of MRE teams presented their work in affected municipalities, experiences and challenges they face as well as recommendations for improving Mine action plan implementation at the level of affected municipalities.

Participants also agreed on key Mine awareness messages that will be used in their work, then on a brochure proposal intended for potential donors, and agreed on a work plan and amount of requested funds from ICRC for next year.

In the informal part of the meeting, participants were greeted by Mr. Đoko Mihajlović, RCRS Secretary General.