13 sjednica predsjednistva 1

13th Session of RCSBIH Presidency, chaired by the President Mr. Rajko Lazić was held on 25. May 2017 in the premises of RCFBIH, Sarajevo.

Beside members of the Presidency, the session was attended by Mr Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBIH and Ms. Azra Bričić, Financial manager.

After consideration and adoption of the Minutes and the implementation of the conclusions from the 12th session of the Presidency of RCSBIH, during the hours of debate on agenda items, the following conclusions, decisions and information were adopted:
a)    RCSBIH Work plan proposal for 2017;
b)    RCSBIH Financial plan proposal for 2017;
- adopted the following normative acts DCK BiH:
a)    Rules of procedure for breach of official duty in RCSBIH,
b)    Rules on the method of performance appraisal in RCSBIH,
c)    Ordinance on official secrets of RCSBIH,
d)    Rules on use of official telephones in RCSBIH,
e)    Rules on use, management, maintenance and registration of motor vehicles in RCSBIH,
f)    Code of conduct  in RCSBIH Expert service .
- accepted information on:
a)    Activities on RCSBIH building reconstruction in Sarajevo,
b)    15th State First Aid Competition (with objections and complaints from individual teams),
c)    8. State Competition "Mine Awareness - Mine Action",
d)    Activities in the field of international cooperation,
e)    Activities on the preparation of RCSBIH Development Plan,
f)    Letter from the President of the Spanish Red Cross ,
g)    Framework agreement with the Foundation of the Museum of Red Cross and Red Crescent.
Accepted the initiative for marking 105th anniversary of RCSBIH in BiH.
Adopted a conclusion on holding a Thematic Session of RCSBIH Presidency (regarding letters from employees, declarations and other normative acts of RCSBIH).