posjeta predstavnika dckbih kolegama iz ureda svajcarskog ck u tuzli 1

On 26.05.2017. the Coordinator for International Cooperation and the Assistant Secretary General RCSBIH, Ms. Žaklina Ninković paid a visit to her colleagues in Swiss Red Cross office in Tuzla. On this occasion, she attended an evaluation meeting for the project "Home care and assistance" of the Swiss Red Cross.

The meeting was facilitated by the evaluator from Moldova. The meeting confirmed the relevance of this project and RCSBIH strongly supported this project, which is currently being implemented in Tuzla Red Cross and Lukavac Red Cross, in terms of providing support for capacity building and visibility of RC organizations that participate in its implementation. After the meeting, RCSBIH representative had a meeting with Ms. Mihela Hinić, head of Swiss RC office in Tuzla and Ms. Serafina Vilušić, a project coordinator for the Phase II, which is expected to continue the work of these two RC organizations and extending the project implementation to three more RC organizations within RCBIH structure. In this way, a new model of Home care and assistance will be available to the general population in other areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and work experience will be exchanged on regular basis with all organizations that express interest in this type of activity.