posjeta predstavnika drustva crvenog polumjeseca turske 1

Representatives of the Turkish Red Crescent Society visited, on two occasions, in June the headquarters of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first visit was paid on 2 June 2017, by Mr Murat Özgüven and his associate. On behalf of RCSBIH, guests were welcomed by the President of RCSBIH, Mr. Rajko Lazić, and a coordinator for international cooperation, Ms. Žaklina Ninković. On this occasion, he expressed appreciation for the significant assistance provided by the Turkish Red Crescent Society to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also a desire to establish a strategic partnership in the forthcoming period. They also agreed that the Red Crescent Society of Turkey will,  in partnership with RCSBIH, on the occasion of Ramadan 2017, distribute 750 food parcels to socially vulnerable families worth 25.500,00 KM. Distribution was conducted from 13-14.06.2017. and the following members joined it  in Sarajevo Canton (Ilidza Municipality): a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Red Crescent Society , Mr. Ercan Tan and Secretary of the Red Crescent Branch Eskişehir . Mr. Yüksel Girgin with four volunteers. 

The beginning of the distribution of humanitarian parcels was attended by the Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Namik Hodžić, and  the Secretary of the Red Cross of Canton Sarajevo, Ms Enaida Višo. At a meeting, held in the headquarters of RCSBIH on 14.06.2017. honorable members of the delegation  were welcomed by the Secretary General, Branko Leko, where he expressed a gratitude for the donation, and all the support we have received so far- and initiated an official visit of RCSBIH representatives to the headquarters of the Turkish Red Crescent in Ankara in order to sign a Cooperation Agreement between the two sister national societies. In relation to this, the DCK BiH has also been sent an official written initiative that will be considered and agreed in the forthcoming period. The remaining food packages, which are in the phase of transport, will be distributed by the end of the month of Ramadan through cantonal, municipal and municipal organizations within the CK FBiH, and in the towns / municipalities: Bijeljina, Zvornik, Vlasenica, Srebrenica, Bratunac and Doboj within CKRS, to final beneficiaries.

At the end, Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBIH, invited Turkish Red Crescent to the ceremony of moving its Professional service into its reconstructed building in Sarajevo ( scheduled for 14.07.2017) . Mr Ercan Tan accepted the invitation and confirmed the readiness of his National Society to participate in the assistance  for furnishing rooms.