ranjen radnik crvenog polumjeseca 1

A Syrian Red Crescent Worker was wounded in an attack on a humanitarian aid convoy near Damascus, was reported from the International Committee of the Red Cross / ICRC.
on June 18th.

"A convoy of 37 trucks from the ICRC, the Red Crescent and the UN needed to deliver food, medicines and daily necessities for 11,000 inhabitants of the city of East Harast," it is said in a statement.
The statement noted that a humanitarian worker was seriously injured in the shooting.

"Local Hastings residents have not received humanitarian aid for almost eight months, and new security guarantees are needed to continue with the planned delivery of assistance," the statement added.

RCSBIH expresses deep regret for the incident and appeals to all parties in conflict to respect the basic principles of the Movement, the protection of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblem , with the aim of preventing and alleviating the sufferings of people wherever it is possible.