sef delegacije mkckbih u posjeti sjedistu dckbih 2

On June 27, 2017 Head of ICRC delegation in BiH, Željko Filipović visited the headquarters of RCSBIH in Sarajevo, where he was received by the Secretary General, Branko Leko.

At the meeting they discussed the activities carried out by RCSBIH with its structure, as well as the support provided by ICRC Delegation in BiH, as well as  the  ways to increase cooperation to an even higher level. Both expressed satisfaction with the previous overall cooperation.

Mr. Zeljko Filipović was particularly interested in the forthcoming announced resettlement of the Presidency and the Professional Service of RCSBIH to  a partially renovated building in Sarajevo, as well as the plan related to the reconstruction of the Professional Service.

Secretary General , Mr. Branko Leko informed Mr. Filipović on planned activities and events for the long-awaited day of leaving the sub-tenancy , and confirmation of the arrival of 8 (eight) delegations of the national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, representatives of IFRC - Zone for Europe in Budapest,  ICRC delegation to BiH , The Red Cross Office for EU countries in Brussels, representatives of government institutions, partners, donors, embassies of some countries, the media, ...

As regards the announced reconstruction of the Professional Service, which is also under the competency of RCSBIH Presidency, it will be discussed at the forthcoming Thematic session.

Mr. Željko Filipović emphasized that this success is highly important for strengthening the image of the entire organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, its better positioning both with the institutions of BiH government and within the Movement in general.

The Secretary-General thanked to Mr Filipović for all the assistance provided so far, but also asked for additional support related arrivals of foreign delegations, their accommodation in the country and the like.