srebrenica 1

The Red Cross of the Federation of BiH, with its structure, supported the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the genocide against the Bosniaks of Srebrenica.

For this purpose, Red Cross engaged 9 medical and 2 logistic teams composed of over 90 volunteers and employees of Red Cross organizations, 12 vehicles and 20 tents ( Ljeljan do) for 400 participants of the March who started their march from Žepa .

Support to marking this event has been realized through a number of activities:

Peace march was coordinated by Tuzla canton Red Cross.

On the route Nezuk- Potočari, six teams for medical care were engaged and one logistic team (volunteers and employees) of the Red Cross organization Bihać, Tuzla, Srebrenik, Banovići, Lukavac, Doboj Istok, Gračanica, Sapna, Živinice, Čelić, Kakanj, Kalesija, Srebrenica and Bratunac.

During the March, Red Cross teams have provided 1,578 registered medical care services for treating pains, callouses and injuries, burns and other first aid services, as well as the transport of participants who, due to injuries and consequences of high temperatures and exhaustion, were unable to independently reach the place where they could receive adequate medical care services. Due to the large number of serious interventions, team members were not able to record some minor medical care services provided to participants, but according to the analysis of medical material  consumption, an additional 1.500 small services were provided, as well as around 1,000 non-first-aid services (psychosocial support, beverage and food distribution, etc.).

Transport teams have carried out 378 transports of injured persons, including the transportation of injured persons to helicopters which transported them to health centers in Tuzla and Sarajevo.  Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Federation of BiH, Namik Hodzić attended the beginning of the March. He wished to participants good luck and  fewer medical interventions to medical teams who followed the March participants.

Staff members of RCFBIH were present at the start of transportation of mortal remains from Visoko, together with representatives of Red Crosses of Visoko , Novo Sarajevo, Ilidža and Kiseljak. On that occasion, families had at their disposal psycho-social support services provided to them on site.  

Multi-purpose field unit of  Sarajevo canton Red Cross was responsible for the medical care of participants at the commemoration and collective funeral of 71 victims of genocide in Srebrenica, which took place on July 11 in Potočari. Over 100 services were provided, mainly related to sunstroke treatments, blisters and sprains, and blood pressure regulation, as well as the management of epileptic seizures. Secretary General , Mr. Namik Hodzic and coordinator of the Red Cross of FBiH Mrs. Vihorka Tomas were present with this unit in Potočari. The Secretary General of the Red Cross Society of BiH, Mr. Branko Leko, the vice-president of the Red Cross Society of BiH , Mr Husein Kličić and the Head of Tracing Service , Elvira  Šišić.

Around 400 participants, started their march from Žepa toward Potočari, and spent a night in a tent settlement Ljeljan do, organized by a logistic team consisting of employees and volunteers of Red Cross of the Federation of BiH.

Long term donors of this project are: International Committee of the Red Cross- delegation in Sarajevo , Bosnalijek and Fenix.