62 medjunarodni kamp prijateljstva i ucenja u austriji 1

Red Cross Volunteers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lana Međo (Red Cross of Republika Srpska) and Emina Snaga (Red Cross FBiH) participated in the 62nd International Youth Camp of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, organized by the Austrian Red Cross. The camp of study and friendship, lasted from 10.07 to 24.07 in Langenlois, Lower Austria.

The theme, motto of this year's camp was "Step into the unknown", "take the chance of opening the mind to cultural differences". Participation in this year's camp was taken by 24 countries of the world, with a total of 44 participants.

Days at this year's camp were filled with good and interesting lectures by eminent experts in those fields, most of them Red Cross volunteers, and former camp participants in Langenlois. Also, the days began with various interesting games for awakening, between lectures we had different workshops where we learned some new things, adopted new knowledge and skills. The workshops were interactive, and the most interesting were team building and leadership.

All delegations had their evening, that is, each delegation had some time for its national pub, then we represented the country from which we came, taught one another some words from our language, we taught each other about culture and tradition, about the cuisine and society from which we came from. We introduced Bosnia and Herzegovina at the national pub to teach our colleagues our words, and together we prepared “burek” and hurmašice.

The official closing of the camp was followed by the Festival of Nations. We presented Bosnia and Herzegovina with a brief presentation of our country and the natural resources we own, and we treated other guests with burek and čupavci we prepared for them and that occasion.

From Langenlois, from the 62nd International Study and Friendship Camp, organized by the Austrian Red Cross, we carry our own experiences, new knowledge and skills, new friendships and connections with the whole world. The camps, socializing, experience and knowledge we have gained will help us in the future, both in our work as Red Cross volunteers, but also in our private life.