prezentacija i poziv na partnerstvo undp 2

On 02.08.2017. RCSBIH representatives held a meeting with the representative of UNDP BiH.

On behalf of RCSBIH , the meeting was attended by the Secretary General, Branko Leko and Co-ordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General, Ms. Žaklina Ninkovic, and on behalf of UNDP BiH , Mrs. Slađana Bundalo, and project officer based in the UNDP Representative Office in Banja Luka.

At the meeting, information was exchanged on the activities carried out by RCSBIH, based on the Law on RCSBIH and activities of UNDP BiH in the field of flood risk reduction in BiH, and they discussed the possibilities of cooperation on projects implemented by UNDP in BiH with the support of international donors.

During the conversation, partcular attention was put on the project "Integrating Climate Change in Reduction of Flood Risk in the Vrbas River Basin", which has been implemented from 2015-202, which aim is providing support to the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina at all levels to adapt to flood risks through the application of new technologies and what will enable economic activities to be more resistant to climate change. Within this project, key activities are: integrating flood risks into the legal framework, transferring new technologies and strengthening institutional capacity, increasing the resistance of the risky categories of population.

On this occasion UNDP BiH announced its public call for local level structures , which relates to activities of the 2018 project, which will cover trainings as well as an exercise for all institutions that provide first response to floods and other disasters (Civil protection, Red Cross, fire brigades, police and others) and a call for partnership with RCSBIH in the upcoming activities at the local community level.

RCSBIH Secretary General confirmed that RCSBIH will send to UNDP BiH conclusions from the workshops and trainings on the state level with the knowledge gained after the floods in 2014, as well as conclusions from the Regional Meeting of South Eastern European NS leaders about their cooperation in disasters. One of recommendations was that UNDP should hold separate meetings with RCRS, RCFBIH and Brčko district RC management on this issue.