medjunarodni kamp atlantis 1

This year's International Camp "ATLANTIS XIII" was held in the period from 18-25 July 2017. in Larnaca (Kornos), Cyprus. The main organizers of this event were the National Society of the Red Cross of Cyprus and the Center for Cooperation in the Mediterranean.

Participants of the camp were volunteers from 23 Mediterranean countries (Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Belgium, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Israel, Monaco, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Cyprus and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Representatives of the National Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina were Marina Marković from Orašje and Danijela Grbić from Banja Luka.

In everyday workshops there were about 50 volunteers who worked on exchanging opinions, experiences and ideas about improving the work of the National Societies of the countries from which they come.

After the opening ceremony of the camp, the social play "EuropAlien", which was created and realized by volunteers from Portugal, was performed. Representatives of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies held workshops on innovations, problems and resolving them, and improving the work of National Societies and the timely action of organizations in the event of emergencies in the future.

In addition, the "YABC" program (Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change) and the "Leadership Skills" workshop (Leadership) were presented. All participants, divided into 2 groups, participated in both workshops. Depending on the election, they all had the opportunity to actively participate in the remaining two workshops - Psycho-Social Support and Innovation and Volunteerism. In addition to the mentioned workshops, the participants, divided into groups, had the task of designing and presenting activities for Social Mobilization, through several areas: visual art, sport, music, dance, acting.
During three nights, presentations were held on the activities of all National societies of the camp participating countries, including the presentation on the work of the Center for Cooperation in the Mediterranean.

In the evening activities, the game of acquaintance, intercultural evening, "The Volunteer I Want to Become - the Change I Want to Make", and the last evening of the closing ceremony alongside the cultural and artistic society from Cyprus, was organized. One day excursion was organized to Paphos, on Aphrodite's rocks, Limassol. A visit was organized to the Center (a part of the Red Cross) for children with mobility and development issues in Limassol.