sastanak sa predstavnicima unhcr bih 2

At the initiative of the Secretary General of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBIH) on August 4, 2017, at the headquarters of DCC BiH in Sarajevo, a working meeting was held with colleagues from UNHCR, Olivier Mouquet, UNHCR Operations Officer for BiH, Ms. Gordana Stojnić, Program Office and Head of Operations Department, Darkom Sučić, associate in project control.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General RCSBIH and Ms. Žaklina Ninković, a Coordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General.

In the introductory part of the meeting, the Secretary General of RCSBIH once again expressed his gratitude to the representatives of this partner organization who joined the ceremony organized on the occasion of moving the headquarters into the reconstructed RCSBIH building, which was held in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH on 14.07.2017. He briefly presented the whole process of the reconstruction of RCSBIH building, which was proclaimed as a national cultural monument.

Given that the previous meeting was held in 2015, at the peak of the regional migrant crisis, the idea was launched to explore the possibility of cooperation that would not be initiated only by emergency situations. Therefore, participants discussed the current activities and potential cooperation that applies to all categories of population assisted by the UNHCR, and not only refugees, as well as the modality of long-term cooperation between RCSBIH and other UN agencies in BiH. On this occasion, the possibility of signing the Cooperation Agreement or the Memorandum of Understanding with UNHCR was mentioned, which will be more focused on strengthening the capacities of government institutions and other organizations in its mandate in 2018, and the UNHCR's commitment to hand over supplies and equipment to the Red Cross Society of BiH to be available in case of need.

After the meeting, representatives of the UNHCR visited the non-renewed part of RCSBIH building (former cinema "Sutjeska", public kitchen, the premises where the first aid training was carried out ...), which reconstruction is planned in the following period.