memorandum o razumijevanju 1

Delegation of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBIH), composed of Mr. Rajko Lazić, President , Vice-Presidents Mr. Husein Kličić and Mr. Zdravko Mioč, Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBIH, Mr. Namik Hodžić, Secretary General of RCFBIH and Ms. Žaklina Ninković, a coordinator for international cooperation and assistant secretary general paid an official visit to the Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRC) in Ankara from 16-19 August 2017.

RCSBIH delegation was hosted and welcomed by TRC delegation on 16. August 2017 in TRC headquarters. TRC delegation was composed of Dr. Kerem Kinik, TRC President, Dr. Naci Yorulmaz, a coordinator for international cooperation and assistant secretary general and Second Vice-President, Mrs. Özge Doğan Irmak, Head of International Cooperation Department and associates and Head of International Programs Department, Ms. Ece Yilmazturk and other members. On this occasion, both delegations shared information on their activities. Our delegation expressed particular gratitude to the Republic of Turkey and their National Society for their generous assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the previous period , particularly during catastrophic floods that occurred in 2014.

At the meeting, both delegations reiterated their mutual desire to improve cooperation so they officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the period of 60 months (5 years), which will secure efficient cooperation for achieving a strategic partnership between RCSBIH and TRC at global level in the following program areas: Development , Providing Humanitarian Aid, Knowledge and Expertize Exchange, Capacity Building, Disaster Risk Reduction, Public Health, Accommodation, Logistics, Common Advocacy and any other program that two national societies jointly decide to implement in the future, which will boost up development of communities within the scope of work and global missions of both organizations.

On 17.08.2017. according to the program of visit, Mr. Bayram Selvi, the Head of the Department for Migration and Service of Refugees and his associates in the Disaster Management Department held its presentation during the tour around Etimesgut Complex, where all members visited the Center for Disaster Response (AFOM), Factory for tent production for the evacuated population, the Library and TRC Museum, and the Center for Child Protection, built with the support of the Norwegian Red Cross, then Blood Donation Center and the storage of blood products located in the old part of Ankara. At the formal dinner, the Director General of the TRC, Mr. Ilyas Yldirim and Head of International Cooperation Department, Mrs. Özge Doğan Irmak, with Ms. Süreyhom Aydin, who accompanied RCSBIH delegation and translated to Turkish language during the entire visit.

The next day, a visit was paid to the Ankara Red Crescent , where RCSBIH delegation was received by the President, Ahmet Hizanlioğlu and the presidents of all municipal branches in Ankara. On that occasion, RCSBIH representatives had the opportunity to learn more about the structure and activities of Ankara Red Crescent, then they visited the main Disaster Response Center (if a disaster exceeds the capability of this center to respond, then the Disaster Response Center at Etimesgut Complex will be activated) public kitchen Ulucalar, where a warm meals are prepared for families mainly from Syria, as well as a social service center for mothers with children who are treated on the oncology department in Ankara's hospitals. Other activities of this branch have also been presented. At the very end of the visit, RCSBIH delegation visited again the Center for Child Protection, and handed over presents to the center’s residents, to the joy and satisfaction of employees, particularly children.