On 24.04.2018. a meeting was held between representatives of NGO Hilfswerk Austria International, headquartered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and RCSBIH in Sarajevo.

On behalf of RCSBIH the meeting was attended by Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General, Ms. Azra Bričić, Financial manager and Ms. Žaklina Ninković, a coordinator for international cooperation and assistant secretary general and on behalf of Hilfswerk Austria International, Mrs. Suzana Jašarević, Director for Bosnia and Herzegovina and project manager Ms. Azema Avdušinović .

All participants expressed great satisfaction for the successful realization of the third phase of the renovation of the interior of RCSBIH building and recent moving of RCSBIH Technical service into renovated premises in its historic headquarters.

Participants also exchanged information on current and planned activities of both RCSBIH and Hilfswerk Austria International in BiH, and on that occasion, they initiated further exchange of experiences and cooperation in projects of common interest, as well as signing the Memorandum of Cooperation.