The delegation of RCSBIH, composed of Mr Rajko Lazić, the President, Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General and Ms. Žaklina Ninković, a Coordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General participated at the 10th European Regional Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies held from 02-04.05.2018. in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.

On that occasion, RCSBIH delegation contributed and actively participated in the work of three working groups on the topics : 1) Self-sustainability, 2) Co-operation and coordination within the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement and 3) Migration, and several bilateral meetings with delegations Of Natioanl Societies of Switzerland (President Ms. Annemarie Huber-Hotz and Head of International Cooperation for Asia and Europe Mr. Jürg Frei), Spanish RC (Mr. Havier Senent García, President and Mr. Antoni Bruel General, a Coordinator and Carreras), Qatar RC (Dr. Fawzi Oussedik, Head of International Cooperation,), Kazakhstan RC (Dr. Yerkebek Kambarovich Argymbayev, President), as well as official meetings held with the Mr. Francesco Rocca, President of IFRC, Dr. Kerem Kinik, IFRC Vice-President for Europe, Mr. Simon Missiri, Director of IFRC for Europe, Meeting with representatives of the ICRC headquarters in Geneva (Mrs. Sophie Marie Goyet Čelebić and Mr. Patrick Vial) as well as a meeting with the Head of IFRC Secretariat of Standing Committees, Mr. Yves-Jean Duméril. During their stay in Kazakhstan, our delegation has had significant contacts with sister National Societies: Croatian RC, RC of Macedonia, RC of Monte Negro , RC of Serbia, RC of Bulgaria, Turkish Red Crescent, RC of Albania.

An official meeting was also held of all National Societies from the region of Southeast Europe, where RCSBIH signed the Cooperation Agreement within the network "The neighbors are first to help ". As one of the most important outcomes of the Conference held under the title "Action-Influence-Change", are Alma Ata Obligation, which together with the Youth Declaration from Bishkek (from the XXIII Coordination Youth Meeting of Europe) provide guidelines for further work and efforts of National RC/RC Societies in Europe in fulfilling the humanitarian mandate and providing assistance to vulnerable categories of people in accordance with the Fundamental Principles of RC/RC.