On 27-28.04.2018.a Coordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General of RCSBIH visited the Red Cross of BrĨko District of BiH (RCBDBIH).

On that occasion, she attended a meeting between RCBDBIH Secretary and a Coordinator for International Cooperation at the Norwegian Red Cross Headquarters and the staff and volunteers of the Sogn og Fjordane District of the Norwegian Red Cross , with which RCBDBIH realized a successful cooperation within a twinning during the previous nine years . The aim of this meeting was to evaluate cooperation on twinning projects, and also to discuss the cooperation between these two branches in the future, where the focus of cooperation after the official end of this project will be in the field of Youth activities , migration as well as in some other areas (disaster response ). All participants highly evaluated the cooperation realized on twinning projects, which enabled mutual learning and exchange of experiences, which is a good basis for further development of RCBDBIH and RCSBIH as a whole.