A meeting of Youth network of the Red cross and Red crescent was held in the period from 28.04. - 01.05. 2018. in Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan. The aim of the meeting was to bring together young people, to work on strengthening international cooperation and to elect new Youth leadership.

The meeting was hosted by Kyrgyzstan red crescent society, and participants were 70 youth representatives from countries–members of the network. Participants first discussed and evaluated work report for the last 2 years, participated in Healthy ageing workshops and first aid techniques, communication and communication skills, leadership and management of the organization.

A representative of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina was Mr. Jasmin Nikšić, long term member of the Youth board. Jasmin was facilitator of Healthy ageing workshop which focused mostly on un-contagious diseases, prevention and symptoms of heart attack as well as a procedure of cardio-pulmonary reanimation.

Participants also worked on Rulebook amendments and unanimously adopted new Rulebook of European Youth network.
Youth members also wrote a Bishkek declaration calling leadership and management of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement , as well as leaders of National Societies to provide to young people a greater participation in the work and empowerment of the organization, and to initiate activities related mental health of volunteers who face difficult moments when performing daily activities.

Elections for new Youth leadership of Europe and Central Asia

Given that this was an election year, 36 representatives voted to elect members of the new Youth committee, who will be leaders in the next two years for 53 countries that comprise the Network of Europe and Central Asia. Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr, Jamin Nikšić won the trust of the majority of delegates and succeeded to gain such an important position for the second time in a row. Beside BiH, members of Board are representatives from United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

"It is a great to win trust of representatives of Europe and Central Asia and be elected for another mandate, especially when we take into account that participants and voters were mainly from Central Asian, South and Central European countries with whom we do not have much opportunity to co-operate. Being at the top of the structure of young volunteers in Europe and Central Asia is indeed something very significant and I will do my best to make the work of young people easier in this part of the world, to work on sharing experiences and strengthening National societies in the area of Youth structure. It should not be forgotten that 50% of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers around the world are young people," said Jasmin Nikšić

The meeting was attended by the highest representatives of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Mr. Francesco Rocca- President, Mr. Kerem Kinik- vice president, mr. As Sy - General Secretary, Mr. Simon Misiri, Director of the IFRC Office in Budapest, and President of the Red Cross of Spain, the Red Crescent of Kuwait and many others.