On 04.04.2018. in RCSBIH headquarters, a meeting was held with Mrs. Anastasia Akimova, Business Development Manager of Connectik Global Technologies Ltd., based in London, UK, where she offered solutions for information and communication technologies tailored for national Red Cross / Red Crescent societies, chambers of commerce, the United Nations, governments, companies and other organizations.

The meeting was attended by the President of RCSBIH, Mr. Rajko Lazić, Secretary General, Mr. Branko Leko, Financial Manager Ms. Azra Bričić and Coordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General Ms. Žaklina Ninković.

During the meeting, our representatives presented RCSBIH mandate, structure and program activities, as well as activities on the reconstruction of RCSBIH headquarters building – a national cultural monument.

On that occasion, a representative of Connectik Global Technologies Ltd. presented their products, as well as the offer for the user mobile application, already used by National Societies in 12 countries, which enables National Socioeties to mobilize resources, raise funds, and to inform and activate volunteers and members. In addition to that , at the meeting held in Novemebr 2015, this company received full support from IFRC Secreatry General for introducing this application for national Red Cross / Red Crescent societies around the world.