These days the Red Cross Organization is celebrating its significant dates, the World Red Cross Day - May 8, in commemoration of the birth of Henry Dunant, the founder of the International Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement, while Red Cross Week is from May 8 - May 15.

For RCSBIH structure , marking these dates represents the largest and most important traditional activity that is being realized in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This year, we continue to celebrate the strength and results of our global network of IFRC under the motto “Everywhere for All", as well as the contribution of the Red Cross staff and about 14 million volunteers.
Through the various activities announced at the press conference held on May 7, 2018 in RCSBIH headquarters, we will strive to raise public awareness about RC/RC Movement, focusing on diversity and universality of our work. We will use a simple call for action to share one of the most universal symbols - a smile - which is also this year’s slogan in whole RC/RC Movement.

A smile is a universal symbol of happiness and satisfaction. For volunteers, this means a well done job. For someone affected by the crisis, it can mean that someone is ready and willing to help. We want to use the strength of this symbol to celebrate the dedication and work results of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and their volunteers and staff.

On the occasion of the World Red Cross/Red Crescent Day, we send sincere congratulations to all volunteers, members, activists, employees and associates, and we thank them for their commitment in fulfilling the humanitarian mission of the oldest and largest humanitarian organization.