On 14.05.2018. students of the 5th grade of the elementary school Ivan Mažuranić from Posušje with their teacher Ms. Lidija Bešlić and the guide Mr. Jozo Kolobarić, a member of the Presidency of the Red Cross of Posušje Municipality and the Vice-President of the Youth Council of Posušje Municipality, were on a one-day trip to Sarajevo.

After visiting main sites in Sarajevo, cultural and religious monuments (schools, faculties, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues), and a lunch on Baščaršija, they arrived for a short visit to the National monument – RCSBIH headquarters building .
They were welcomed by Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General and Mrs. Ivana Grujić, Youth and Mine awareness Coordinator.
Mrs. Grujić held an interactive presentation of the history of the Movement, the founder Henri Dunant, RC emblem , fundamental principles. All students demonstrated vast knowledge about the Red Cross movement and Posušje Red Cross activities.

After that, the Secretary General gave a historical lecture about the establishment of the RC organization in BiH, its history and development until its foundation in 2000 and international recognition in 2001.
Mr Leko then talked about the history of Red Cross building , the main donor, designer, educational, health and cultural role it had during the history (built in 1929), and its destruction by heavy shells (hit by a flammable grenade on 12 May 1992 and completely burnt down and destroyed), then about proclaiming the building as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009, and about the beginning of the reconstruction works in 2014, which is still ongoing due to the support of a number of donors.

Mrs. Lidija Bešlić, on behalf of the whole class and in her personal name thanked for the reception, the information received, the new findings, and congratulated us on the presented achievements.

In the end, the guests were given symbolic gifts, after that went on sightseeing ( visited ZOO) before their return to Posušje.