On the occasion of the official launch of the project "Building institutional preparedness and disaster response of RCSBIH 2018-2020" a meeting between RCSBIH structure and representatives of Swiss Red Cross (SRC) Berne headquarters and Tuzla Office was held in Tuzla this year. The meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBIH,
  • Mr. Namik Hodžić, Secretary General of RCFBIH,
  • Mr. Senadin Kumro, Coordinator of Disaster Preparedness and Response, RCFBIH,
  • Mr. Đoko Mihajlović, Secretary General of RCRS,
  • Mr. Denis Šehanović, Secretary of RCBDBIH,
  • Mr. Nemanja Zekić, a coordinator for disaster preapredness and response, RCBDBIH,
  • Mrs. Alexandra Papis, program coordinator, SRC Bern,
  • Mrs. Sophie Hirsig, youth program coordinator, SRC, Bern,
  • Mr. Thomas Büeler, an institutional preparedness and emergency consultant, SRC Bern,
  • Mrs. Mihela Hinić, the Head of the SRC Delegation in BiH,
  • Mrs. Bojana Ilić, the field coordinator of SRC in BiH, and
  • Ms. Emina Babović Gojačić, a support officer for SRC project in BiH.

In the following days (08-09.05.2018), the Official launch workshop in Tuzla was held, with the participants:
Mr. Dražen Mikić, Secretary of Orašje RC,
Mr. Admir Nurkić, Disaster Preparedness and Response Officer, Orašje RC,
Ms. Danica Radulović, Secretary of Šamac RC,
Mr. Aleksandar Panić, Disaster Preparedness and Response Officer, Šamac RC and
Mr. Nebojša Medojević, Disaster and Disaster Resident Delegate, International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

The goal of the meeting was to present to participants project goals, roles and responsibilities of the project team (members, decision making, reporting, communication), as well as the Project Management Team (members, role of management body members, decision making, communication). The meeting was a good occasion to present IFRC presentation "Well-prepared national society (WPNS)", Indicators of Success, Roadmap, and Components of the Disaster Response Mechanism.