On 25.05.2018. the president of the Red Cross of the Central Bosnia Canton, Mr.Marijan Lovrinović and Secretary Mr. Refik Džaja. Came to a visit to newly restored RCSBIH headquarters in Sarajevo (Kranjčevićeva 2). After visiting all the rooms on the first floor , where the Technical service moved on August 1, 2017 (after nine thousand and one hundred seventy-five days of residence, changing six addresses and paying over 800,000.00 KM rental amount) they briefly talked with employees, and after that were receoved by the Secretary General, Mr. Branko Leko.

The Secretary General birefly presented to his guest the ghhistory of the building, (its construction in 1929, educational, cultural, humanitarian ... roles in history, heavy damaging - shelling and destruction of the roof in May 1992, after that a long period of its decay until the beginning of its restoration in 2014, with minor inetruuptions). Many donors have recognized the effort and dedication of current management and leadership to this goal, and it is commonly agreed that, if the same approach continues, the assistance will be almost certain in the future.

Mr. Asad Kučević, Secretary of Novo Sarajevo Red Cross joined the meeting and congratulated Mr. Leko for huge achievements, of which many people in the structure are not aware of. He emphasized that this is a significant step and a pledge for a better image not only of RCSBIH but also of its structure.
Further on, Kučević infomed Mr. Leko about a first-instance court verdict by the Dubrovnik Municipal Court regarding property in the Republic of Croatia, and the following common steps to be undertaken.