Representatives of the countries of the Region held a meeting in Sarajevo on June 7, 2018, where they adopted conclusions to define common steps that are to be taken in their joint addressing the issue of migration. The meeting, entitled "Facing the Challenges of Mixed Migration in the Region - Security and Humanitarian Aspects" organized by the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was attended by representatives of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece and international institutions and agencies dealing with migrant problems.

In light of the current migration challenges facing the region, ministers and state representatives on this route have analyzed the current situation in this area and have committed themselves to prevent illegal migration, smuggling, and trafficking in human beings. One of the conclusions was that it was necessary to carry out a systematic registration of migrants, consistent implementation of bilateral readmission agreements and the organization of joint flights for the return of foreigners.

The goals set need to be successfully implemented in order to make the region more successful against illegal migration and not to become a kind of hot spot for illegal migrants, which could lead to major humanitarian, political and security problems. The meeting participants also discussed the humanitarian aspect of migration movements and pointed out that the countries of the region in the recent past have faced major migration and therefore need to show particular sensitivity and humane attitude towards migrants who transit this area.

Secretary General of the RCSBIH, Mr. Branko Leko addressed the participants and said : Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, implementing its legal mandate, recognized and empowered, pursuant to the Geneva Conventions (I-IV) of August 12, 1949 and its Supplementary Protocols I and II of 10 July 1977, in the war, both in peace and during the time of natural and other disasters, the state of emergency, in accordance with the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality, put at disposal to authorities all its resources in the two Entity Organizations, the Brčko District of BiH, 10 cantonal , 12 city and 131 municipal Red Cross organizations.