Delegation of West Herzegovina cantons comprising : Mr. Josip Zelenika , president of WHC RC, Mr. Srećko Slišković, Mr. Drago Martinović and Mr. Josip Tomić – memebrs of the Presidency visited RCSBIH headquarters on 13. June 2018. On behalf of RCSBIH, the delegation was received by Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBIH . Mr Leko presented to guests all activities carried out in past four year on the reconstruction of the building, and about planned activities for the following period. He emphasized the significance of offered support from the Presidency and Assembly of RCSBIH, and support from the whole structure, donors, institutions and partners.

He also presented the whole history of the building , which was built in 1929, in spirit off modern art, designed by its architect Mr Helen Balthazar from Dubrovnik. Ever since its establishment, the building was unique for having its medical, educational and cultural function.

Mr. Josip Zelenika, President of WHC RC, thanked for hospitality and expressed great satisfaction and a surprise for their great achievements in the process of the building restoration, and everything else they managed to achieve during their mandate. He confirmed his support and a support of WHC RC to Mr. Leko's application for a new mandate as Secretary General during forthcoming elections, hoping that the whole RCSBIH structure shall recognize achievements and vote for key actors who contributed to this historical success.

Mr. Drago Martinović, a member of the Presidency of WH RC congratulated for achieved results in the process of reconstruction of RCSBIH building - the National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and confirmed that the Presidency of WH RC will work to strengthen the cooperation within the entire structure of RCSBIH , better exchange of information confirming the unquestioned support of WH RC Presidency to Mr. Branko Leko, long-time activist of RCSBIH structure who achieved significant results through various tasks at different levels of RCSBIH structure.

RCSBIH Secretary General thanked to WHRC delegation for visiting RCSBIH headquarters, with sincere congratulations and expressed support.

Delegation of WH RC gave a present to Mr. Leko for moving into new building, and Mr. Leko gave his guests a symbolic gift. After that they visited all renovated premises and the premises which “are waiting “ to be renovated and had brief conversation with some members of Technical service staff.