FL ANSWERS (Family links Answers Application  for requests from around the World and Family Restoration Services) is the standard system for managing cases of restoring family links for national societies of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.

Given that the conditions have been created for the training and implementation of the FLA database provided by the ICRC in 2013, through development of a central archive and database, and with preparations for the same, another training / was held for the appointed members of the RCSBIH Core Team.
The training was held on June 12, 2018. in Sarajevo for 10 appointed members of the Core team for Training and Development of RCSBIH Tracing service . In addition to the appointed members, the training was supported by colleagues from the ICRC.

The training covered the following topics: Technical and legal requirements for access to the FLA database; Overview of the platform, functionality and features; Exercise on prepared cases; The next steps, obligations and responsibilities.
Studious approach to each example, interaction, and great interest of all participants enabled the idea and every example presented by one of the participants to be realized.

All participants understood how much data from the FLA database can facilitate their daily work.

The importance of all information collected, both about missing persons and about the seekers, and the transfer of the same through the structure, is emphasized for updating both paper and electronic archives.

A Meeting of the Core team for training and development of the Tracing service

On June 13, 2018, a coordination meeting of the Core team was held. The meeting was attended by 17 members of the Core team, Coordinators of the Tracing services of RCSBIH, RCFBIH, RCRS , representatives of ICRC, RCSBIH Secretary General, Coordinator for International Cooperation, acting program Coordinator of RCSBIH and Special Guest, Mr. Wissam Khalil.

The following topics were discussed:
 Semi-annual Evaluation of Restoring Family links (RFL) activities - RFL in disasters,
cooperation with the Department of Disaster Preparedness and Response, refreshment training exercises, contacts with authorities at all levels of organization, contacts with the families of missing persons, cooperation with the Association of Families of Missing Persons and the Institute for Tracing of Missing Persons in BiH, implementation of projects Psycho-Social Support-
 Evaluation of the handover process of missing persons from the ICRC to RCSBIH (including statistics and further implementation steps)
 "Trace the Face" - application (access through the background of the application)
 RFL services for migrants (review of the current situation in BiH and recommendations