In the period 18-20.06.2018. a representative of IFRC Regional Office for Europe and a Head for support to cluster countries of Southeast and Central Europe,

Mrs. Seija Tyrninoksa visited the Red Cross Society of BiH . During the two-day visit, Ms. Tyrnyoksa attended the ceremony on the completion of works on the facade of RCSBIH building - on the south side, discussed with the President, Mr. Rajko Lazic, vice-president Mr. Zdravko Mioč and the General Secretary of RCSBIH, Mr. Branko Leko about current activities in the field of migrant crisis in BiH, implementation of priority program activities supported by IFRC, as well as plans for the future, including the development of a preliminary project for the complete reconstruction of RCSBIH headquarters - a national monument, in order to create preconditions for self- sustainability of the national society. They also talked about the issue of RCSBIH property in the Republic of Croatia (the children's resort Lozica near Dubrovnik), organizational development, international cooperation and hosting the 13th Mediterranean Conference in April 2019 in Sarajevo, as well as other issues of importance for the functioning of the NS headquarters. Meetings were also held with representatives of the ICRC Delegation in BiH, the Swiss Red Cross-office in Berne and the BiH Office, and a meeting was held with representatives of Hilfswerk Austria International where they discussed the framework partnership with RCSBIH in various projects of common interest under the Memorandum of Understanding signed on June 12, 2018 between RCSBIH and Hilfswerk Austria International in BiH.

On the second day of her work visit, they discussed the issues such as the implementation of program and project activities of RSCBIH and the whole RC structure , particularly about the monitoring of the implementation of activities from RSCBIH development plan, as well as the implementation of projects supported by IFRC and Italian Red Cross – its project (the project which ultimate goal is obtaining a European First Aid Certificate, primarily in the field of first aid training for motor vehicle drivers) and" Organizational Development ", and on that occasion, special attention was paid to the

Disaster Preparedness and Response Program and the DREF (request for urgent approval of funds for humanitarian aid items for refugees / migrants in BiH). On this occasion, they also discussed the activities within the RCSBIH Tracing service, with a special emphasis on the needs assessment related to the provision of family-friendly services to refugees / migrants.

During this important visit, the strategic orientation of IFRC Regional Office was reaffirmed –a continuation of a support to the structure of RCSBIH , and it was emphasized that continuous support would be provided in the priority areas as proposed by the representatives of the administration and management of RCSBIH.