From 19. to 22.06.2018. RCSBIH headquarters realized a training for disseminators from RCSBIH structure. The training was realized with expert assistance from colleagues from the Red Cross of Serbia and lecturers MEDIACENTRA and ICRC.

The training covered the following areas / themes: Presentation and Communication Techniques, History and Components of the International Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement, Mandate and Activities of a National Society, Mandate and Activities of IFRC, Mandate and Activities of ICRC, Fundamental Principles, Emblem, International Humanitarian Law and Organization of Workshops.

Within the training, a visit to RCSBIH headquarters was organized. Participants were received by Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBIH, who informed the participants about the history of the establishment of the Red Cross in BiH and the process of the restoration of RCSBIH building – a National monument. Participants visited partly renovated part of the building, as well as other premises of the building that have not yet been renovated.

The training was realized with the financial support of the ICRC - Delegation to BiH