17th Session of the Presidency of RCSBiH was held on 27th. June 2018 In Ilidža and chaired by RCSBiH, Mr. Rajko Lazić.

Beside Presidency members, the session was attended by Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General and Ms. Azra Bričić, a Financial Manager.
After a substantive discussion on all items on the agenda, the following decisions, conclusions, and information were adopted:
- Proposal of decision on the extension of the mandates for the members of the Assembly, the Presidency, the Supervisory Board and the Secretary General of RCSBiH;
- Information on activities related to the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
a) Direct support of RCSBiH;
b) Appeals launched to sister national societies of RC/RC;
c) Activities on the development of application for DREF (Emergency Fund for Humanitarian Aid) – sent to IFRC,
d) Decision on Approval of Funds from the Current Budget Reserve of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and International Commitments of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2018 to the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
e) Conclusion on the spending of funds of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- Proposal of Decision on the appointment of the Organizing Committee of the 13th Mediterranean Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies;
- Decision on giving letters of thanks to members of the Presidency and the Assembly of RCSBiH

Reporting session of the RCSBiH Assembly
Reporting session of RCSBiH Assembly was held on 27. 06 2018, after the Presidency session ended. The session was chaired by the President, Mr Rade Draško.


The assembly session had its ceremonial and working part.
During the ceremonial part, Mr Branko Leko , Secretary General held the presentation on „ How we restored the building of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina- a National Monument „.
The presentation contained over a hundred of photos, a lot of figures and information, contracts, agreements .... so the delegates had the opportunity to learn more about great achievement of the current management and Presidency, about problems they had to face, persistence and unity which immensely contributed to finalization of the project – and relocation of the Technical service and the Presidency , after 9.175 days of subtenancy into its own building. Mr Leko presented in details, all donations, and thanked to all donors, partners and associates …
At the end of the presentation, and later during the discussion on agenda items in the working part of the session, almost all present delegates expressed great gratitude to the Presidency in their discussions and speeches, and in particular to the Secretary-General, who coordinated all activities that led to this historical achievement.
The conclusion has also been reached that, on the occasion of this great achievement, a special photo monography will be made which will permanently testify the great success of those who have achieved it, those who have helped or in any way contribute to the success which is a pride and success of the whole RCSBiH structure.
Members of the Presidency, the Assembly and the Secretary-General were given letters of thanks "for participation in the work of the General Assembly and the Presidency of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period 2014-2018. ".

In the working part of the session, the following decisions, reports, plans, information were adopted:
- Decision on the extension of the mandate of members of the Assembly, Presidency, Supervisory Board and General Secretary of RCSBIH;
- RCSBiH Work report,
- RCSBiH Financial Report with the Report of the Supervisory Board;
- RCSBiH Work Plan for 2018;
- RCSBiH Financial Plan for 2018;
- Information on activities related to property of RCSBiH:
a) RCSBiH Building in Sarajevo – a National Monument,
b) RCSBiH Children's Resort in Lozica near Dubrovnik (Republic of Croatia);
- Information on Hosting the 13th Mediterranean Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Sarajevo, 02.-05.04.2019) and the 2nd Mediterranean Meeting of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Sarajevo, 30.03.-02.04.)



Written address by the representative of IFRC, Ms. Seija Tyrninoksa, a head of the support team of the cluster countries of central and south eastern Europe to the General Assembly of RCSBIH

President, Mr. Rajko Lazić
Vice President, Mr. Husein Kličić
Vice President, Mr. Zdravko Mioč
Members of the Administrative Structure
General Secretary, Mr. Branko Leko
Management, staff and volunteers
Friends of the Red Cross
Ladies and Gentlemen

Good day to all of you!

It is my great pleasure - on behalf of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and its Regional Office for Europe in Budapest - to greet all of you on the occasion of this special event for the General Assembly of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you for inviting me to address to you through this written message and at the same time , please receive my apology for not being able to be with you today I can not be with you since I have just finished my visit in the moment when it was completed the renovation of a facade of your building. I was there and celebrated with your partners , ICRC and Swiss Red Cross. Once again, I congratulate you for a well-done job, mobilizing so much support from various partners.

During last weekend, thousands of Red cross /Red Crescent volunteers and staff gathered at the field where the Battle of Solferin ,occurred in 1859 and when Henry Dunant got an idea that led to the birth of our great Red Cross; The Red Cross / Crescent that is needed today more than ever before and through which we all have the opportunity to inspire ourselves again and again with the Force of Humanity and to serve human beings during our journey.
May Spirit of Solferin and the Power of Humanity continue to inspire and motivate us because today's Solferino has many faces. It was just last week, when World Refugee Day was marked on June 20. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) reported that at least 68,500,000 people were on the move around the world last year, including 16,200,000 displaced in 2017. Europe has been facing this more and more since 2015 when more people from different continents began to reach our borders.

This population movement continues to raise in your country this year. Many more people are going through your country this year, looking for security in Europe, compared to last year. As we talk to you, you are processing and finalizing your first Emergency Relief Fund (DREF) application at the same time when your neighbour, the Red Cross of Montenegro has just received the approval for their DREF request last week, for the same purpose, to help people on the move in their territory. You are again expected to provide effective humanitarian services to people in need, based on your supporting role to public authorities in the humanitarian field. You have skills, you have the capacity and we are here to strengthen that capacity whenever it is needed. Europe is changing , Europe has changed for good and we have to adapt our services to these changed needs.

Leadership, colleagues of the Red Cross

During my recent visit to your National Society and your country, I was delighted to learn more about the dynamic activities of your National Society in a very complex administrative environment. Your good work, especially since the floods in 2014 up to date, including the impressive partnerships for the renovation and restoration of your headquarters, received a good recognition, not only from various components of the Movement, but also from your Government. Again, in the situation of an increased population movements in your country, population movements, you are one of the first organizations on the front line, offering support through hot meals, hygiene packages, family links restoration services, if necessary, and very important education about the dangers of mine.

With gratitude, I notice that you now have a youth member in the European Youth Coordination Committee (EYCC) and that you also have youth representatives in the Steering Committee. We would like to encourage you to improve the youth sector and volunteering.
Let's also look at the gender balance in our structures in general, giving opportunities for young women to show their leadership and talent, enabling women to flourish for humanity.
A recently signed agreement between the informal network between nine national companies - "neighbours help first" - assisting in the co-operation and coordination among sister companies in the region to improve the delivery of humanitarian services to those in need. We unite our forces, both young and old, to improve our services to vulnerable people, wherever they are.

We are stronger together. Together we can do more. Just together.
Thank you and I am sending my best wishes for your General Assembly, for your further work, and I look forward to the effective implementation of DREF when it is approved.