The conference "Humanitarian Demining in BiH - The Way to Finalization" was held in Sarajevo from 18-19 October 2018. This was a dialogue conference organized by BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs in cooperation with the Demining Commission and the BiH Mine Action Center under the auspices of the Council of the European Union and the Unit for the Implementation of the Convention on Prohibition of the Use of Anti-Personnel Mines.
This event was attended by anti mine stakeholders in the country, including state institutions, NGOs, the private sector and representatives of international and domestic organizations involved in addressing this problem. On behalf of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the conference was attended by Mrs. Ivana Grujić, a coordinator for programs and Humanitarian Affairs.

The aim of the Conference was to raise interest in anti-mining program in Bosnia and Herzegovina and consider the possibility of mobilizing all available resources in this field.
The event was realized through presentations and target group discussions, which included, inter alia, operational progress and current situation, approaches and challenges in restoring the safe surfaces, state ownership and partnership, challenges in the field of information management, monitoring and cleanup plans, and Bosnia and Herzegovina after Bosnia and Herzegovina is cleansed of mines. Mutual dialogue was also an opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina to consider the recommendations of the partners and other stakeholders of these activities, using implementation measures to ensure the successful implementation of the state mine clearing program.

The new Anti-Mining Action Strategy until 2025 was presented at the Conference as the basis for extending the deadline for meeting the requirements of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Production and Stocking of Anti-Personnel Mines.
Partners and donors of the anti-mining action in BiH are particularly encouraged to share the lessons and recommendations shared with Bosnia and Herzegovina through active participation in individual meetings to contribute to the creation of a common vision of how Bosnia and Herzegovina can fulfill its obligations under the Article 5 of the Convention on Prohibition of use, production, transport and stockpiling of anti personnel mines.