Delegation of the Red Cross Society of BiH composed of Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General, Mr. Namik Hodžić, Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ms. Azra Mešić, Assistant Coordinator for Migration RCFBIH were in the Italian city - Verceli from 04.-06.10.2018. at the invitation of Red Cross Vercelli - Region of Piemonte.

The purpose of the visit was the exhibition of the humanitarian photographer and volunteer of the Italian Red Cross, Mr. Ibrahim Malle, "Open door for humanity", which depicts migrants moving along the Balkan route, and documents their hardships on their way through Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the efforts of volunteers and staff of the Red Cross to provide at least minimum items necessary for their dignified life.
The delegation visited the exhibition set in Vercelli and attended a donors’ dinner organized by the Red Cross of this city where funds were collected and intended to the Red Cross of the Federation of BiH for their work with migrants.

At the donors' dinner, officials who held speech were representatives of the Italian Red Cross - headquarters in Rome, Vercelli Region Governor, Mayor of Vercelli, as well as Vercelli Red Cross President, and Mr. Namik Hodžić, Mr. Branko Leko and the author of the exhibition, Mr Ibrahim Malla.

This exhibition and donors' dinner were organized thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ibrahim Malle, the ambassador of good will of the Red Cross of the Federation of BiH, to indicate the challenges that our organization is facing in its efforts to provide migrants and refugees a dignified stay in our country , but also due to efforts of Mr. Mauro Oliver , A President of Red Cross of Vercelli, who supported this idea of developing extensive cooperation between the Red Cross organizations in Italy and BiH.