The delegation of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, composed of the President, Rajko Lazić, Secretary General Mr. Branko Leko and a coordinator for International Cooperation and Assistant Secretary General Ms. Žaklina Ninković participated at the Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Platform of the Red Cross / Red Crescent on Migration, held in the period from 25-27. September 2018 in Marrakech (Morocco). The host of the meeting was the Red Crescent of Morocco, and co-organizers were the International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Center for Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CCM). The meeting was attended by the Presidents, Secretaries-General, and the persons in charge of migration from the following Mediterranean national RC/RC societies: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Palestine , Serbia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey, as well as representatives of IFRC (Secretariat in Geneva, Regional Offices for the Middle East and North Africa and the Regional Office for Europe), ICRC headquarters in Geneva and CCM from Barcelona. This annual meeting of the Platform was focused on the following the obligations of National societies of RC/RC , their progress and challenges they face in the area of providing assistance , protection and advocacy . They also adopted a draft proposal of regional commitments within preparations for the 13th Mediterranean conference of RC/RC in 2019. The meeting was also the opportunity to share information and experiences at regional level in order to prepare for a debate on humanitarian response to migrations, which will be held during the next Mediterranean conference but also during 33. International conference in 2019.

During the Platform, RCSBIH delegation has held meetings with Mr. Javier Senent, President and Mr. Antoni Bruel, general coordinator of the Spanish RC with his associates , and with Ms. Déborah Rull, CCM representative, on the ongoing RCSBIH preparations for the 13th Mediterranean Conference , that will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2019, where she confirmed un unconditional support to the RCSBIH , as well as a meeting with Ms. Amelie Marzal, the Head of International Cooperation and Mr. Diegom Carangio, Senior Associate for Programs for Africa and the Middle East of the Italian RC related RCSBIH activities in response to migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina.