Croatian Red Cross and the Red Cross Society of the City of Slunj handed over the humanitarian aid to Bihać Red Cross , intended for care of refugees and migrants at the Bihać territory.
The humanitarian aid consisted of one hundred (100) blankets, fifty (50) beds and fifty (50) mattresses, and two hundred (200) plates and cups.
Delegation of Croatian Red Cross included : Mr. Robert Markt, Executive director , Mrs. Silvana Radovanović, Head of the Life-saving Rescue Service and Coastal Environmental Protection, Mrs. Selma Ilić, , Head of the Migration Services and Mrs. Ivona Piršić from Slunj Red Cross.

The donation was officially received by Mr. Abdulah Budimlić, a President of Bihać Red Cross and Mr. Selam Midžić, a Secretary of Bihać RC . On that occasion a meeting was held between colleagues from Croatian RC and representatives of RCSBIH, Mr. Husein Kličić, Vice president and Mrs. Žaklina Ninković, a coordinator for international cooperation and assistant Secretary General, Mrs Elvira Šišić, a Head of Tracing Service and Mr Senadin Kumro , a Disaster preparedness and response coordinator in RCFBIH as well as a Head of Swiss Red Cross office in BiH, Mrs. Mihela Hinić with her associate.