The Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross / Cross, organized the Round Table in Bijeljina on October 9, 2018.

Migrants entering BiH use the two main routes , mainly by land from Serbia and Montenegro. Bijeljina is marked as one of the entry points in BiH for migrants.
The round table was organized with the aim of attracting attention of local authorities to the importance of restoring family links, promoting the latest tools for restoring family links that are used around the world, and strengthening cross-border cooperation among local organizations of the Red Cross of BiH and Serbia, especially in Emergency situations requiring immediate response.

Beside representatives of the Red Cross of BiH and Serbia and representatives of the Regional Office of ICRC- Sarajevo , this meeting was also attended by the representatives of the Border Police - Field Office of Bijeljina, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police administration Zvornik, representatives of the Service for Foreigners, Bijeljina field center, representatives of the police administration Bijeljina, representatives of the Center for Social Work Bijeljina.
This was an opportunity to present the network and services for restoring family links both in the country and at global level, and to exchange experiences of actors involved in migration issues in this area.