President of the Red Cross of Una-Sana Canton and Vice-President of the Red Cross Society of BiH, Mr. Husein Kličić, together with the President of Bihać Red Cross, Mr. Abdulah Budimlić, received on 13 October 2018 a group of volunteers from Italy who came to support their Red cross colleagues from Una Sana Canton in their work with migrants. This is the second time this year that volunteers of the Italian Red Cross come to Bosnia and Herzegovina and assist their colleagues from the structure of the Red Cross Society of BiH.

Bavarian Red Cross visit the Red Cross of Una-Sana Canton

Mr. Husein Kličić received on 14.10.2018. their colleagues from the Bavarian Red Cross who visited the camp at Sedra and the camp in Velika Kladuša to conduct a needs assessment of migrants residing there. Colleagues from the Bavarian Red Cross, Mr. Günther Geiger, Mr. Johannes Keppeler and the press officer carried out an assessment to get a realistic picture of the situation on the spot. This assessment was necessary in order to better and more efficiently prepare a large transport of donations in kind, organized by the Bavarian Red Cross.