After the end of RCSBIH Presidency session (November 30, 2018), members of the Presidency and Technical service and RCFBIH Secretary General visited the migration camp at Sedra Hotel in Cazin, where the most vulnerable migrants (women and young children) reside. In this camp, care of the migrants is conducted by IOM in cooperation with Una Sana Red Cross, where they prepare meals on daily basis. During the tour, Presidency members had a brief conversation with IOM staff and the migrants themselves, where they got a confirmation of a very good cooperation of all stakeholder involved into this action. They also learned more about the problems and risks that appear , not only there, but in whole European Union, for which would be needed more systematic approach.
Members also visited a newly opened Camp "Bira" near Bihać., which receives and accommodates migrants, including those who blocked the border crossing Maljevac (between Velika Kladuša and the Republic of Croatia) in the past days.

It is noticeable that the premises are still in preparation, some parts are filled up with migrants, some are being prepared , equipment and donations are arriving. During their visit to Bira camp, they met with Mrs. Semiha Borovac, BH Minister for Human Rights and Refugees and her associates, who also made a tour of the area and visited migrants in the Camp "Bira". The Minister thanked to the whole RCSBIH structure, particularly to Bihać RC , Una Sana RC, and Mostar RC for their humanity and concern for migrants, especially for the care they provide to the most vulnerable groups.

Secretary General of RCSBIH, Mr. Branko Leko briefed Mrs. Borovac about current migrant assistance activities of the whole RCSBIH structure, about today's session of the BiH Presidency and the decisions adopted , but also about projects focused to the assistance to domestic population and informed her about newly arrived donation from Italian Red Cross.