18. Session of the RCSBIH Presidency was held under the chairmanship of the President Mr. Rajko Lazić, in Bihać on 30.10.2018.
Beside the Presidency members, the session was also attended by the Secretary General, Mr. Branko Leko, Financial Manager Ms. Azra Bričić, a Coordinator for International Cooperation Ms. Žaklina Ninković , Secretary General of the RCFBIH, Mr. Namik Hodžić, President and Secretary of Bihać RC, Mr Abdulah Budimlić and Mr. Selam Midzic, and in one part , IOM representative in Bihać Mr. Vladimir Mitkovski.

The representative of Bihać RC at this session was Mr. Husein Kličić, who presented all activities and problems they face, but also what they expect from RCSBIH management and its structure , as well as from other domestic and international organiosations. Presidency of RCSBIH expressed gratitude to volunteers and professionals of Bihać and Una Sana red crosses for their several months efforts to provide care and assistance to migrants. Participants discussed activities realized so far, but also presented future plans of assistance, including assistance to domestic population. On behalf of IOM, Mr. Mitkovski ,spoke and noted a very positive experience in cooperation with Bihać and Una Sana red crosses.

After a long discussion, the following decisions, information, memoranda were adopted:
- Information on the activities of RCSBIH related to the migrant crisis;
a) Realization of the DREF (Emergency Fund for Humanitarian Assistance) by IFRC and the plan of follow-up activities;
b) Support to the structure of RCSBIH;
c) Information on the project contract with Swiss Red Cross "Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina";
d) Information on the donation of Croatian Red Cross;
e) Information on the donation of Italian Red Cross:
- Information on RCSBIH financial situation ;
- Information on activities on the reconstruction of RCSBIH building
- Information on the implementation of "Health and Aging" project and Information on activities in the field of international cooperation;
- The proposal of the Memorandum of Understanding between RCSBIH and Italian Red Cross,
- Rulebook on criteria, measures and procedures for members of the Red Cross who receive care and assistance at home.
- Decision on the appointment of the Managing Board for the Project "Building the institutional preparedness of RCSBIH in the field of disaster preparedness and response, 2018-2020, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and appointment of members of the Commission for the selection of the Project coordinator.