Activities carried out in accordance with decisions of the Management Board of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBIH) adopted at two round tables , organized in cooperation with IFRC Zone for Europe and ICRC Delegation in BiH (in December 2014 and July 2016) were analyzed and included into the process of RCSBIH organizational development.

As a follow-up activity after the Workshop on Safer Access Framework Program, held in October 2016, a meeting was held in ICRC Delegation in Sarajevo in April 2017 on further work related to Safer Access Framework for BiH. On that occasion, the ICRC emphasized its commitment to continue supporting the strengthening of RCSBIH capacities for relevant, effective and standardized response in key humanitarian sectors, with the possibility of involving other partners from the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.

Since all national societies are encouraged to integrate the Safer Approach Framework into their organizational development, capacity building and preparedness for emergency response, the management of the whole RCSBIH structure has confirmed its willingness to integrate the Safer Access Model into the process of the organizational development of RCSBIH , which was previously accepted as relevant for the development of RCSBIH. The name of this process is adjusted to RCSBIH needs, with the suggestion that it should be named as RCSBIH Development Plan, which was subsequently adopted.

In order to make this process feasible, in April 2017, a Working Group was formed for the development of RCSBIH Development Plan (Working Group) consisting of representatives of RCSBIH and ICRC structure, and supported by RCSBIH management, as confirmed at a meeting with the management of RCSBIH structure, held in October 2017. The scope of work and competencies of this Working Group are defined by RCSBIH, and the relevant information was regularly presented at the meetings of RCSBIH Presidency, where support was provided to the members of BiH Presidency, as well as the guidelines for the analysis and work of the Working Group.

After seven meetings that have been held between May 2017 and October 2018, in which priority areas were analyzed on the functioning of RCSBIH structure, on 25 October 2018, the Working Group drafted a proposal for a three-year Development Plan of RCSBIH that was presented to the management of RCSBIH structure, and then with suggestions and amendments / changes from the management, will be submitted to RCSBIH Presidency for approval.

The goal of the development of 3- years RCSBIH development plan is to make RCSBIH with its whole structure better prepared to respond to all challenges of current complicated and changing humanitarian environment.