On the occasion of European day of organ donation, on 10.11. 2018, Association of patients on dyalisis and transplatation of FBIH and Donor's network in BiH organized a Debate on diseases and treatments of internal organs, with particular focus on donation and organ transltatation.

The debate was held in Posušje cinema hall. The guest lecturers were the President of the Association of patients on dialysis and transplantation of FBiH, Mr. Tomislav Žuljević and doctors of medicine Dr. Nermina Rizvanović, dr. Fila Raguz and Dajana Vladić.

As part of the lecture, two short films "Life After" and "Heart Transplantation- Live" were shown which did not leave any of the attendees indifferent

While the medicine progresses with great steps forward, the list of patients who are waiting for organ donation is longer than ever. Today, more than 70,000 people in Europe are on waiting lists.
In BiH, there are nearly 3000 patients on dialysis, of which, 1/3 could undergo transplantation. Every day in Europe, 16 people die due to the lack of transplant organs. It's important to know that a deceased person can save more than 8 lives.
These were just some of data presented to audience. On this occasion a certificate of gratitude was given to Lovrić and Mioč families for their donations of bodies of their deceased family members.

It is important to say that the lecturers removed suspicions about the attitude of religion related organ donation, and concluded their lecture with the words of Pope John Paul II: "All that can serve the living, it is a sin to bury."
We will agree that organ donation to another person, either known or unknown, is an act and a sign of love, solidarity and sensuality, the organizers said in a statement.
The sponsor of this event was the Municipality of Posušje with great contribution from Posušje Youth council.

After the educational lectures, participants were invited to sign donor cards , thus giving the hope to the needy. Mr. Branko Bago, a Mayor of Posušje and Mr. Branko Leko, General Secretary of RCSBIH signed their donors cards.

Source: Brotnjo.info