A meeting of coordinators for disaster preparedness and response of South East Europe was held in Lozen, Bulgaria from 31.10.- 02.11.2018. Participants were representatives of NS of:
Georgia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany. Except them, there were also participants from the International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent (IFRC) office in Budapest from various departments, as well as representatives of IFRC Secretariat in Geneva. On behalf of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, participant at the meeting was Mr. Nemanja Zekić, acting Coordinator for Disaster Preparedness and Response.

At the meeting, the following conclusions were made:
- to apply EFAS and cooperate for better preparedness and response of national societies
EFAS (European flood awareness system) is an EU tool that deals with predicting the possibility of occurrence of different types of floods. They do this using computer models, which take into account historical data, hydro meteorological forecasts, soil quality and others. Based on their findings, they send notifications to national civil protection, EU member states. IFRC is preparing a cooperation agreement with EFAS to send the notifications to national Red Cross member organizations, including RCSBIH. These notifications would be for internal use, because the Red Cross in BiH does not have the authority for early warning. Nevertheless, such notifications can be of great importance in the preparation of our organizations for the upcoming flood. More information on EFAS can be found at the following link https://www.efas.eu/

- the Beginning of IFRC GO platform usage
GO platform is a new method of managing field information, introduced by IFRC globally. Current platform that is still used, DMIS ,will soon be withdrawn from the network. In the new platform, there will be room for each country to enter information on response to emergency situations including those that do not affect them. The goal of this platform is to simplify the process of collecting information so that as many users can work on its filling.

NDRT (National Disaster Response Teams) - minimum standards
Minimum standards were presented at the meeting, which should be an integral part of NDRT training, which each ND needs to implement. Currently, these standards are in the form of a draft and when finalized, they will be submitted to national societies, so that they can develop their own plans and training programs for NDRT

Simulation of flood response - FYR Macedonia
In the third week of November, a flood response simulation is planned that will take place in FYR Macedonia. NS that are at risk from flooding as well as selected RDRT members will take part . The ultimate goal is that IFRC develops a flood response plan at the European level.

CTP (Cash transfer program)
The International Red Cross / Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is currently second organization in the world which uses CTP . Such programs enable easy implementation and low costs. IFRC strongly recommends implementation of CTP in future.

- Mobilization of human resources
Based on increased disaster response needs, IFRC has begun the process of human resources mobilization. For the next year, IFRC planned to train 100 new RDRT members.