During the second part of the visit of IFRC representatives, a meeting was held between: Italian RC (ITRC) Mr. Flavio Ciriaci, Swiss RC – Ms. Mihela Hinić, Head of Tuzla office, Turkish Red Crescent – Mr. Fuat Emin and Mr. Suat Sokullu, Red Crescent of UAE – Mr. Mahmoud Aly, director of BiH office and assistant director, Ms. Selma Omerović, Red Cross of the Federation of BiH – Mr. Namik Hodžić, Secretary General and Mr. Senadin Kumro, coordinator for disaster preparedness and response.

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary General of RCSBIH, Mr.Branko Leko, who thanked all participants for their support provided to RCSBIH structure in an extremely difficult situation (especially emphasizing and commending the work of professionals and volunteers in Mostar city Red Cross, Bihać Red Cross and Red Cross of Una Sana Canton). He also stressed the importance of the assistance already provided by RC UAE, the Red Cross of Lombardy (Italy), the CCC, stressing that in the forthcoming period, it is necessary to establish better coordination of all actors, supporting the recommendation of the UNHCR representative to "map all donors", all in order to avoid "duplication of work", or better quality support

Mr Nemanja Zekić informed the participants, in more details, about the DREF, reporting guidelines, spending of funds, and the method of justification, and Mrs. Mihela Hinić on the project approved by SRC "Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018".

RCFBIH and SRC agreed on the date of their joint visit to Bihać Red Cross and Una Sana canton red cross. (where SRC project will be implemented).
On the last day of their visit, a meeting was held with RCSBIH President, Mr. Rajko Lazić and Miss. Žaklina Ninković, a coordinator for international cooperation , who thanked to IFRC and all partner NS for assistance provided in migrant crisis but, also stressed out that we should not skip obligations and provide assistance to the most vulnerable categories of population in BiH (families of the missing persons, internally displaced persons, old sick persons etc).

On 18.07.2018. a meeting was held between Mrs. Henritt Koos and Mrs. Zorica Lučić, responsible for cooperation, in ICRC office and Mrs Silvana Pehar, head of ICRC department for protection, both of them presented their recent and future activities as well as assistance provided by ICRC through RCSBIH to its whole structure, putting emphasis on a current situation.

At the end of the visit, in the presence of Mr. Nemanja Zekića and Mr. Senadin Kumro, they visited Migration center Salakovac near Mostar, and were welcomed by Mr. Alen Kajtaz, Secretary of the Red Cross of the City of Mostar, who presented all activities and problems they face in their work with migrants.