Mr. Husein Kličić the Vicepresident of the Presidency of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Husein Kličić, born on 11.01.1965. in Cazin.

- Graduated from high and higher Economy school.

Work experience:
Mr. Kličić has been a member of the Red Cross since 1979.
- He served two terms as the President of Cazin Red Cross;
- Three terms as the president of Una Sana Red Cross;
- Four terms as a member of RCFBIH Presidency;
- Three terms as a member of RCSBIH Presidency;
- One term as a co-president of RCSBIH and presently is a President of RCSBIH.

Mr. Kličić is also a multiple voluntary blood donor and bearer of highest acknowledgements in RC structure.
Proven humanist and prominent volunteer of the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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