Mr Rajko Lazić, The President of the Presidency of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rajko Lazić, born on 17.01.1966. in Javor, Šekovići municipality .


- Education:

- Graduated from high school of Šekovici.

- Graduated in 1990 from the Law Faculty in Sarajevo and became a Bachelor of Laws. Post-graduate studies in the Faculty of Economics East Sarajevo and achieved the title of Masters of Economics.

Work experience:
24 years of work experience , was employed in
- Textile factory Lovnica Šekovići as a Secretary of the company and head of sales department ;
- Municipality administration Šekovići – worked as a Secretary of Municipal Assembly  and Head of department for economy, finances and social activities;
- High school  „Petar II Petrović Njegoš“ – engaged as external associate – teacher for subjects Law and correspondence ;

- Director of „Ecomosaic“ d.o.o. Šekovići;
- Health center  Vlasenica  as a manager of Health center;

- Council of Ministers BiH, as a Chief of Cabinet of the Deputy Minister of Justice BiH

- Currently employed in the Government of RS, Ministry of Administration and local self government of the Republic of Srpska  as an administrative inspector

Worked on a number of projects in BiH  as :
- a member of Advisory commission BiH for Beacon scheme (OSCE) ;

-  a member of a Board  for development of  North East BiH ;
- on Projects in the field of organic production of honey, vegetables within „Ecomosaic“, supported by the Government of Czech Republic  and USAID in the amount over 5.000.000,00 BAM;
- Has been awarded a Golden Plaque of Šekovići Municipality for local economic development;

Work experience in the Red Cross:
- In the period 1990 – 1992 worked in Šekovići Red Cross at the position of a secretary of Šekovići Red Cross.

- IN 1990. was an author of changes of the Red Cross BiH /defined provisions relating the work of Tracing service in the Red Cross of BiH .

Married, father of two daughters.

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