Program of voluntary blood donation is a traditional Red Cross activity. Blood donation is voluntary, remunerated and free. Through its activities of animation and recruitment of blood donors, and promotion of blood donation, Red Cross has gained reputation among BH citizens. Final goal is to collect sufficient quantities of safe blood in cooperation with Blood transfusion centers and other relevant institutions.

In most countries in the world, this task is entrusted to the Red Cross because of its humanitarian work, developed network of local branches and large number of volunteers – all that contributes to more efficient collecting of blood.

Red Cross of Republika Srpska marks the World blood donors day – 14 June with a number of activities and events that point out to the significance of regular blood donating, particularly by young people. On this day, they organize gathering of blood donors from Republika Srpska , which was, this year, held on Jahorina – on 28 June and gathered around 600 blood donors from all parts of Republika Srpska , representatives of Blood Transfusion centers and Union of blood donors . Within the event, there are public debates, round tables and continuous promotion (through informative-promotional materials) and drafting law regulations.

Red Cross of FBiH has traditionally, within its regular activities of voluntary blood donations, carried out activities of motivation and organized gathering of blood donors, promotion of blood donation in cooperation with health institutions, creating conditions for awarding and recognizing voluntary blood donations. 

Within marking the World blood donor day (14.06.) and the Day of open doors of Red Cross and Blood transfusion centers (14-22.06.) Red Cross of the Federation of BH organizes gatherings of blood donors – Golden award for 100 and more blood donations and Silver plaque for 50 and more donations. Every year, around 200 blood donors participate at these gatherings.  On the occasion of marking this important date, Red Cross produces and gives promotional material (VBD badges, T shirts, caps, pencils and similar). 

 During mentioned period, Presidency holds formal sessions, and Red cross puts informative stands with promotional materials about Red Cross's VBD activities . During that period, Red Cross representatives appear as guests on TV and radio where they inform the general public about all RC activities carried out within the World VBD day.