RCS BiH raises awareness about TB among general population with the aim to prevent this disease and provide support to TB patients.

RC volunteers play important role in media campaigns and campaigns of raising awareness of the population. Volunteers actively participate in all traditional TB activities  such as marking of the World TB day, Week of fight against TB  and medical examinations of vulnerable groups.

World TB day is marked on 24. March and the Week of fight against TB from 14 - 21. September. During this period RCSBIH carries out the following activites:

-  health activities (medical examinations of citizens);

- hygiene- epidemiology protection (cleaning streets, residential places, parks, collective centers, shoolyards, water testing);

- socio-humanitarian activities (visits to TB patients in hosptals, health centers and in homes);

- informational promotional materilas (production of informational-educational materials- posters, leaflets, brochures, radio and TV clips, post and stamps for citizens).