Home care program is a traditional program of RCSBIH which provides services to old persons over 65, sick and exhausted and persons with special needs and persons who live alone without closer relatives.

With donors' financial support , constant education of Red Cross activists and volunteers, particularly youth, this program has created a strong network of all those who take care of around 8.000 socially vulnerable old persons in BiH.

Home care beneficiaries are provided services of home care but it also include transport to health institutions, personal hygiene and cleaning homes, buying food and other needed items, cooking meals, delivery of humanitarian aid and firewood, paying bills for public utilities and other bills, assistance to beneficiaries in realization of their rights related pension-invalid insurance, to exercise other rights, small interventions on electric and water installations, painting walls and similar.

To address basic livelihood needs of vulnerable people, RC organizes actions of solidarity to collect food, hygienic items, diapers and orthopedic devices ( eye glasses, blood pressure measuring device, ear apparatus, blood sugar measuring device and other).

According to data from RCRS, around 300 active volunteers have provided services to around  2.500 most vulnerable persons from this category. Within the program, every year 1. October – Day of the old persons is marked by the Red Cross when it intensifies its activities of this program. Red Cross also organizes events and gatherings of old persons, volunteers and donors to mark the date. On this occasion, RC issues relevant informative-educational material to point out to hardships and problems this population faces and to urge other citizens to support old people.

In FBIH this program is implemented by around 500 Red Cross volunteers for around 5.000 beneficiaries. In the course of one month, on the average, volunteers have around 6.500 visits and provide around 7.900 various kinds of services (conversation, personal hygiene, cleaning homes, washing clothes, preparing meals, shopping, administrative services, giving medications, delivery of humanitarian aid, transport to health centers, carrying firewood, ironing, cleaning snow, washing dishes, measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, taking them out for a walk etc).

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