First organized forms of Children and Youth organizations of the Red Cross in Bosnia and Herzegovina appeared in 1923. Through its long historical development, youth presented its main strength at all levels of its organization. 

Youth members are involved into all Red Cross program activities, ensuring successful realization of program activities. The goal of our organization is education for young generations in the spirit of humanism and tolerance, and training them for humanitarian work.

Active participation of youth at seminars, summer camps, in humanitarian actions, First aid competitions held at all levels of RCS BH structure, but also at international level, enables sharing experiences and development of partnership relations. 

During the post war period, youth members from RCSBH structure had the opportunity to develop international cooperation and to participate, when invited, in summer camps, take part in conferences and to organize visits to other societies. Thanks to financial, technical and other kinds of support, RCS BH established cooperation with many Red Cross organizations and other nongovernmental organizations outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. The result of this support  and cooperation was participation of RCS BH in various seminars, camps, competitions and other forms of education and social gatherings where they conveyed and adopted new experiences. 

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