Activities of the National society are determined by the Article 6. of the Law on the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, among them are representing the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina in international associations of Red Cross and Red Crescent and other national organizations, as well as undertaking international obligations assumed by the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fields that fall under the authority of the Red Cross.  International cooperation department of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCS BiH) establishes contacts and enables development of all forms of cooperation and activities which are international obligation of RCSBiH as a National Society and a component of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (RC/RC).

In pursuing its humanitarian mission in the field of international cooperation, the RCS BiH realizes its activities and contacts in cooperation with sister Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies,, IFRC, ICRC and other international organizations and institutions.

Beside ICRC and IFRC, there are other National Societies of Italy, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates which successfully operate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition, the RCS BiH has developed bilateral cooperation with neighboring Red Crosses (Monte Negro, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia) and other National Societies of Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Qatar, China and Turkey.

The representatives of the RCS BiH continuously follow and participate at the meetings, seminars and conferences organized at the level of the Movement, the Government of BiH and other non-governmental organizations with which the RCSBiH has developed noticeable cooperation.

In accordance with the Statutes and decision of the Presidency of  RCS BH from  28.10.2010.,  RCSBiH formed its Commission for international cooperation at  its Constituting session.

Thanks to a good cooperation, RCSBIH youth members from the structure had the opportunity to participate in various camps, seminars, competitions and other forms of education and youth gatherings where they shared their experiences and gained new skills.


If and when invited, or within the organization of the Ministry for human  rights and refugees of BiH, Ministry of security of BiH, …. RCSBIH shall actively participate in all activities related potential arrival/transit of migrants/refugees to/through Bosnia and Herzegovina, so it is included into plans of the Ministries, and Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina .  Related this issue, there is more room for better positioning of the Red Cross Society of BiH with its whole structure to address this humanitarian propriety, at global and regional level. 

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